The Jokers, who play in KHL, were placed in a two-week quarantine under the Infection Act last Friday. It now appears that the quarantine decision was made at least on flimsy if not even erroneous grounds.

It is largely a question of who the authorities believe and who do not.

The Jokers faced Neftehimik Nizhnekamski in Helsinki on September 9, whose players had been tested for coronavirus in Russia on September 6 and 8. According to KHL, the test result of each player was negative.

From Helsinki, the Neftehimik team traveled to Riga, Latvia, where all players were tested on 10 September. Initially, seven coronary infections were found, four in the retest. Neftehimik’s match against Dynamo was canceled.

The Joker players who played against Neftehimik the next day were quarantined for 14 days.

On the same Friday, all Neftehimik players were tested in Moscow. All test results were clean according to KHL, including the four that had given a positive sample in Riga.

Iltalehti was told by KHL that the test results in Riga were false positive for four players, but the players have still been quarantined in Russia for two weeks.

The joker players have been tested the day after the Neftehimik match last Thursday and this Monday.

Every Thursday and Monday test result has been negative.

Thus, the jokers have not been infected with coronavirus.

If KHL is to be believed, the Jokers have not even been exposed to the corona. According to KHL, Neftehimik’s players did not have any coronavirus infection when the team visited Helsinki.

So now it looks strongly that the Jokers have been unduly quarantined for two weeks.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) survived two days of quarantine when it came to potential and not verified exposure and her corona test result was negative. If a coronavirus had been detected in Marin’s predator, the prime minister would still be in quarantine.

According to KHL, the Jokers are in the same situation as Marin: the potential predator (Neftehimik players) has not been diagnosed with a coronavirus, according to KHL, and the Joker players have tested negative.

In the case of jokers, the authorities have believed more in corona tests in Latvia than in Russia. That’s not a bad starting point. Information from Russia should always be treated with great caution.

Due to quarantine, the Jokers had to postpone three of their home games and two away matches.

Placing five arrears in an already tight match calendar isn’t easy, and on top of all that, it makes the Joker’s heavy program even heavier.

The season is just beginning, and most certainly the Jokers and the coronavirus will be found once again in the same sentence.