The Xbox Series X will go on sale on November 10, so we are practically two weeks away for users to buy one of the new Microsoft consoles directly in stores, in fact, in the particular case of Mexico, the pre-sale of the new consoles will be on October 27, although until the moment this note was written it has not been revealed at what time the pre-sale will begin or which stores will participate.

However, in Colombia the store known as Smile Games has carried out the first unboxing of the Xbox Series X with everything and the final packaging of the console, that is, it has shown the console with accessories and packaging with which it will arrive at stores next November 10.

In Reddit was mentioned that the store had put the consoles on sale a long time before the official launch, however, it is only about unboxing, although in the video it is mentioned that the units they have in store are already set aside, but we do not know if they will be delivered to users before November 10.

For now, no North American or European media that has already been able to test the console and share some of their experiences with it has unboxed with the official packaging, this may be because many have argued that the consoles they received were near-final test units. , so they probably did not have the final packaging, or else, Microsoft has prohibited unboxing for commercial reasons, since it is common for brands to establish content embargoes by date in the media and influencers, and for that reason reviews, photographs and certain content can only be released until a certain day and time.

It has been reported that the consoles are already being delivered to all the stores where they will be put on sale to have everything ready before November 10, in fact, in the video of the Colombian store the person in charge mentions that they have had to pay more by them to have them from before, revealing that of the 10 units they have, 8 are out of the way, 1 was hit, and the other is the one that they have stayed to perform the unboxing.

In the video you can see the packaging that Microsoft has designed for the Xbox Series X, as well as the protections for the console, accessories and control.

Will there be legal problems?

Because the stores also have to respect sales embargoes, it is likely that Microsoft’s division in Colombia will investigate the case to find out where the people from Smiles Games got the consoles, because based on what is mentioned it is understood that they have had than to get them with some other store that must have an agreement with Microsoft, because in their case this store did receive a batch of consoles.

At the same time, the sales embargoes establish certain criteria that prohibit showing the consoles, the packaging, displaying them, or taking photographs of them, and if the embargoes are not respected there may be a legal problem.

Until now Xbox Colombia has not mentioned anything in this regard, but we will be attentive to the evolution of the case.