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At least six people who were in a public establishment were killed by unknown in the town of Buenos Aires, in the Colombian department of Cauca (southwest), official sources reported this Sunday.

“Indeed, in the village of Munchique in the municipality of Buenos Aires, six people murdered“, the Secretary of Government of Buenos Aires, Diego Armando Carabalí told Efe.

Long guns and grenades

The official added that the Mayor’s Office is awaiting a report from the authorities who traveled to the site of the slaughter to gather more information and that he only has confirmation that “there were six murdered.”

The Ombudsman’s Office confirmed the number of victims in the massacre in Munchique where, according to information received by that institution, “a illegal armed group He threw a grenade and fired long weapons into a cockpit, killing these people. “

Early alerts

The head of the Ombudsman’s Office, Carlos Camargo Assis, asked the authorities to respond to the early warnings issued by the agency to avoid situations like the one that occurred today. “We call for a prompt response to the early alerts that we have been issuing and avoiding facts like the one we are regretting, “said the official.

According to Camargo, five months ago the Ombudsman’s Office issued two early warnings about what could happen in that population. For his part, the commander of the Army’s Third Division, General Marco Vinicio Mayorga Niño, said that they were sent to the place troops to “secure the area and verify the situation.”

They accuse FARC dissidents

The officer explained that there is a FARC dissidence operating in the area, to whom “in a preliminary way the authorship (of the massacre) can be attributed although we must not rule out other hypotheses.” In Cauca, in addition to the FARC dissidents, drug gangs operate and the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (THE N).

This department has been the scene of various massacres In the last two months, the most recent was on September 5 in the Seguengue area, a hamlet far from the urban perimeter of El Tambo, where three young men who had their hands tied behind their backs were shot by unknown persons in a highway.

The massacres have generated national rejection and are even one of the reasons for the protest this Monday called by workers’ centrals and social movements in different cities of the country.



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