Cheek aka Jare Tiihonen, 38, put the rapper’s whistles in a bag a couple of years ago. Recently, he has sought peace of mind and meditated and practiced yoga, among other things.

– I enjoy lying on the floor and get more out of meditation than traditional gym training. Yes, I have continued the habit also ähkimistä at the gym, even though it has become just a contrivance, Tiihonen says For the common good in an interview.

He says he learned to let go of control and the idea that all things were in his hands.

Even in the nightlife, the chirping was less with Cheek’s retirement.

In an interview for the common good, Tiihonen admits that during the rap times, his ego had swelled oversized. Now he consciously reassures himself and wants to work for the benefit of today’s youth:

– I am approaching forty, and I am aware that I cannot forever be the mouthpiece of young people. Ten years from now, I may not have the same pedestal I can talk to credibly to young people, he says.

Tiihonen wants to talk about the distortion created by social media in particular:

– What you see in Some really isn’t always the whole truth or true at all. Self-esteem should not be built on how many followers there are. Social media should be a tool, not an absolute value, Tiihonen reminds.