The pandemic has even changed the customs to move and urban transport has been the great affected. The results of the IX Study “Spaniards facing New Mobility”, carried out by Pons Seguridad Vial and Luke, reveal that the use of public means of transport has dropped four points in the month of September, compared to the last report.

Interest in motorcycles increases by 12 points and seven out of ten drivers recommend their regular use

Of the 1,500 asked, 33% travel by subway or bus, while users of bikes and scooters grow. Specifically, those who prefer bicycles have grown by 8 points and now represent 28% of the total surveyed. In the case of electric scooters, the percentage has grown four points and 9% prefer it over other vehicles. It is observed that, after nine months of the pandemic, citizens prioritize the use of personal mobility vehicles over public transport.

Motorcycles, especially in big cities, They have also gained prominence in this latest edition.23% of users prefer these two motorized wheels, which have gained 5 popularity points. Obviously, the car wins in terms of amount of use: 58% of those asked use it daily.

More pedestrian areas

With regard to the city’s road composition and the conciliation between all road users, 67% of those surveyed affirm that it is necessary to bet on the pedestrianization of the city center. This percentage has increased, compared to last year, by 15%, which shows a general change in mentality towards more pacified streets with the consequent limitation of the use of private vehicles and pollution.

Similarly, 64% of citizens (16% more) consider that they should limit speeds and access with private vehicles to the urban center. Other measures supported are Low Emission Zones, tolls for polluting vehicles or even the restriction of parking for the most polluting models.