One of the great dreams of American football fans is to see again Colin Kaepernick over a field. The former marshal of San Francisco 49ers He was banned by the NFL for his decision to kneel during the performance of the American anthem, in protest of the endemic racism in the country, and has since become a now widely imitated symbol.

From being practically an outcast, now in the heat of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, he has become an example for the entire North American society, to the point that the critic Donald Trump has come to ask for his return to competition.

This will still have to wait, if it ever occurs, but at least it can be seen in a virtual field. Electronic Arts has listed Kaepernick among the recordable players in the new edition of his NFL video game saga, the Madden’21, according TMZ has advanced. In it, not only can the quarterback be incorporated in the ‘Franchise mode’, which appears as a free agent, but it will also be the great object of desire for any team.

His average score is one of the best in the game, 81, beating in statistics Cam Newton, the great star of the moment after signing for the New England Patriots to replace the legendary Tom Brady. Kaepernick, in addition to being a recordable player, will also have his own special ‘touchdown’ celebration, something that is only available to some footballers.