Closing of the activity to what is necessary for 14 days in Navarra before the Covid-19

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President María Chivite announces in the next 14 days the closure of all unnecessary activity and the tightening of measures if necessary against the Covid-19 in Navarra. The measures begin this Tuesday the 13th at 00.00. It is a critical moment, according to the president and has asked for strength to save lives, because that is the most important reason with 427 new cases to date, after performing 3,049 PCR with a percentage of 14% in a day in which they were notified four deaths, corresponding to two women, 97 and 82 years old, and two men, 92 and 89 years old.

Regarding the cumulative incidence of virus infections, if we add the cases on Saturday, it stands at 21,728 people and the total number of deaths is 617.

The integrated health network of Navarra welcomes, after the balance of admissions and discharges according to the data provided today, 263 patients in the different hospital centers and modalities, with an occupation in the FIA of 33 people admitted. From a geographic perspective, Pamplona and Comarca registered 58% of the positives, followed by the Area of Tudela, with 13%.

Regarding age groups, on Saturday, the majority group was 15 to 29 years old, with 28%, followed by 30 to 44 years old, with 23%; then the 45 to 59 age groups with 19%

Although mobility is not yet restricted either between municipalities or to other communities, as María Chivite has commented, adding that schools and universities will continue with their activity because they are considered essential. He has pointed out that the intervention adopted today affects all Navarra because the general data are bad, although there are localities that are good and he asked that ordinary life be translated into the most essential. He affirms that they are not willing to have dead perasonas, while other people continue their life as if nothing else. Thus, he has pointed out that in addition to hygiene and safety measures, a work of collective responsibility must be done.

In the harshest scenario, restricting mobility, if necessary, is not ruled out, according to the president, although she has also added that the growth of cases is generalized in other communities and in other countries and not only in Navarra. This week it has also announced measures to reactivate the hotel industry as one of the most affected sectors, for which there will be a meeting of the Government with the representatives of these companies and establishments.

The self-confinement was not decided before, according to the President of the Government, because they only had data for one day, but following three consecutive days, with the increase of more than 400 cases per day, they have ended up adopting these restrictions. The president did not want to enter into the criticism of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, as for a treatment of “favor” by the Government of Pedro Sanchez about Navarra and because the same actions have not had to be applied.

According to Chivite, Navarra no one has had to impose measures on him as in the case of Madrid and considers that those adopted in the Foral community are much more restrictive than those of the capital of Spain. He does not consider that this brings Navarra closer to the State of Alarm because “tougher decisions have already been taken.” He has also pointed out that Navarra has not reached a pressure in the UCI above 35% and they do not want to go there. Chivite has blamed the increase in positive cases and the “bad data” on non-parties and has recognized that the data is high in this second wave, but even and everything has defended the performance in Navarra by the Executive and its department of health. He has insisted that the Autonomous Community does not reach the extreme figures for the occupancy of beds or ICUs such as those set at the state level.

In terms of transport, he has pointed out that measures have already been taken in recent days, with regard to interurban transport and, mainly, in Pamplona and the region and has defended teleworking, as far as possible, as has already been done. collected legally and many companies are already doing it in the Autonomous Community.

The new measures against Covid-19

The Government of Navarra will approve a regional order for the new restrictive measures to begin this Tuesday to contain the advance of Covid-19. Thus, it is contemplated, among other issues, the limitation to groups of six people in meetings, both public and private, as well as the closure of all the premises at 10 p.m. and the reduction of the capacity of the hotel and restaurant industry to 30 %. Limitation to worship services and commercial spaces no more than 40% and in cultural activities less than 30%, such as playgrounds and meetings in the public and private sphere limited to 6 people as long as they are not living together.

The two weeks during which the measures will be extended have been considered crucial by María Chivite, who has insisted on “reducing social interaction as much as possible.” “We are at a critical moment in which we need to redirect the situation.” Equally, it has advanced that the “intensive screening” that is being carried out this Sunday in Cadreita and Valtierra, will be extended to other municipalities with high incidence.

In previous days, Navarra already expanded and extended the restrictive measures to 11 towns that added more than 41,000 inhabitants. Today the measures are extended to the whole of the Autonomous Community, to which the General Director of Health, Carlos Artundo, asked this Saturday to self-restrict in social and family gatherings.

Chivite has pointed out that he does not believe that this situation should be made a political issue and asks to comply with the measures and stop the activity and social interaction to a minimum. “We are facing 14 crucial days, although citizens and, especially professionals, are exhausted.”



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