The two love each other in a way you only do at this age, when you still don’t carry the burden of past failures. In August, they celebrated six months of relationship and have already passed the test of time, because during this whole period they could not see five months due to the pandemic. About how their friendship turned into a love story and about their universe full of harmony, we talked in an interview without emotions, but full of emotion. Because they are part of the new wave of young people, who live more assumed and, perhaps, relate less to what people will say.

Ok !. It’s been two years since you started collaborating. What brought you together first, professionally speaking. How did you end up making songs together, one from Chisinau, one from Bucharest?

Cleopatra: It all started with me, because I released, in 2018, the song I leave you with my heart together with the production house where Edward is also, Famous. I didn’t know he was already there, but then we started making pieces together.

Edward: Yes, we even met in the studio while she was recording. Then she started coming to the studio more and more often and we spent time together.

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