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Helene Fischer rarely makes headlines about herself and Florian Silbereisen. But one day after the “Golden Hen” was awarded, she makes an exception.

It was THE surprise appearance of the evening at the awarding of the “Golden Hen 2020”: Helene Fischer, 36, celebrated her comeback after almost a year of abstinence from TV and accepted her eighth hen. Her ex Florian Silbereisen, 39, was also present at the award ceremony. It goes without saying that the day after the performance there are rumors and speculations about this evening. Helene is now taking the wind out of the sails with a statement on Instagram.

Helene Fischer thanks her fans

“The ‘Helene Fischer Show’ has been around since 2011 and my heart is bleeding that there won’t be a big show this year, because after all we would have had a good reason to put the most spectacular show together for you and I would certainly be full Proudly gone crazy with you celebrating my 10th anniversary! “, Wrote Helene and thanks her many fans again for the audience award. “These are not easy times for anyone, but hold on and be grateful for what you have! Stay strong, take care of each other and, above all, stay healthy!” She appeals.

Ironic comment to the media

This is actually the end of the post, but then, for once, Helene can’t hold back and allows herself a critical comment to the press,

“PS: I’m always surprised how well the media know about me and how they are always and exclusively there. Crazy! And not to forget: Thanks to my 5 ‘bodyguards’ yesterday: @saschagaugel + @kallehildinger (styling), Oliver Heidemann, (ZDF), Werner Kimmig (Kimmig Entertainment) and Uwe Kanthak (Manager) … You really only grasp your head! And thanks to you, my dear @ floriansilbereisen.official, for letting you ‘extra’ left the hall just to be with us a little longer. That was a very, very nice evening, kisses and you too: Congratulations on the Golden Hen! “

Pretty snappy, Helene. With these ironic words, the singer is probably referring to some reports that she and Silbereisen have met backstage. The speculations arose because Florian Silbereisen had left the auditorium in Helene’s great moment on stage and only returned to his seat after her appearance.

PS: Was there really a meeting? Why not, after all, Helene and Florian still get on very well after their separation.

Sources used: Instagram, MDR


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