Claudia Villafañe: from wife of and mother of … to revelation of MasterChef Celebrity with own name

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Low profile, the former of Diego Maradona achieved a place in the most watched program of the year: a participant in Telefe’s gastronomic reality show, she is one of the public’s favorites. His strong cards.

The wife of, the mother ofFor most of her life, Claudia Villafañe cultivated a very low profile despite being next to one of the most famous men in the world, Diego Maradona. Y she was even named with his surname.

Later, when his daughters grew up and showed themselves publicly with their own voice, her figure remained held indoors as the mother of Dalma and Giannina.

However, now it was his turn. Behind the burners, Claudia Villafañe prevails in Masterchef Celebrity (at 22.30, by Telefe) with his own name. Paradoxes of destiny its first participation in a reality television coincides with the fact that it is the most watched program of the year. The woman who flees to the exhibition is haunted by notoriety.

But in this case, beyond some typical reality show features, the focus is on how celebrities cook and on how they cook against the clock. Something that Claudia has done all her life and with which she feels comfortable and safe.

His profile remains low, compared to other more extroverted personalities on reality, and even on the jury. Claudia speaks little, just enough, and prefers that her dishes are expressed for her.

That, added to all the collective imagination that was created around her while she was married to Maradona, makes her one of reality’s favorites. The vast majority of the public bank Claudia, as passionately manifested on social media. To La Claudia.

Although she knows perfectly what it is like to move with cameras around, the focus was never on her, but on Diego. And now yes. In her and in the stories that emerge with each dish she prepares. He knows how to give voice and postcards to his memories associated with gastronomy.

In MasterChef Celebrity it’s Claudia for the jury, it’s like a false mother for some of the participants And it is Tata, as her daughters call her, when they encourage her from the networks at each gala.

She came to the program that Santiago del Moro leads as a businesswoman, mother and grandmother of Benjamin and Roma. And with a couple of recipes under his arm, which, according to his family, are his great dishes that can never be missing.

One of them are the gnocchi that his grandmother Petra taught him and that the juries Donato De Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui have already tested and approved.

With the gnocchi and some other recipe, Claudia too brought to light some emotional moments of his life, especially from his childhood, when he still did not imagine everything that would come later.

His memories moved everyone and even made Donato cry, going back to his own childhood.

Claudia also told the reality show that she hopes that her famous gnocchi recipe will remain valid with the new generations. “I already taught Benjamin, now I’m waiting for Rome to grow up to teach her too,” he said.

The other participants of the reality show consider her a “good companion” and she, in addition to cooking, assures that she likes to play sports and take dance classes. Villafañe is releasing pearls of his tastes, of a life of our own about which less is known than we imagine.

His family is his weakness, he confessed, and there was also time on camera to pay homage to his mother on a plate prepared with brains. “I never tried it on, now I vindicate it,” he said.

At 58 years old, his life took an impressive turn at 17, when he met in Villa Fiorito a boy who already played football and who, over the years, would be an idol of crowds around the world. And, also, one of the most controversial, beloved and media characters in Argentina. In fact, this week, based on your health, was a topic in all the news.


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