Classic and timeless! 6 Hollywood heartthrobs we can’t get enough of

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Let him throw the first popcorn who never sighed for a movie heartthrob! Time passes, the films are renewed, but some stars never lose this position, especially when they participate in iconic cinematographic works, which have marked generations. With an eye on the productions available in the Telecine application , Purepeople was inspired by the cinelist “Movies we never get tired of watching “and brought together 6 feature films with the Hollywood heartthrobs who make every minute of film count!

1 – Richard Gere, in “Pretty Woman”

The unlikely romance between dreamy call girl Vivian, played by actress Julia Roberts, and wealthy businessman Edward in the movie “A beautiful woman “led crowds to cheer for the couple. But, in addition to the iconic looks of the protagonist, such as the over the knee boot and designer dresses, we cannot fail to mention and sigh for the seductive and serious style of Richard Gere, in this film that was nominated for an Oscar It is very worth seeing again!

2 – Patrick Swayze, in “Dirty Dancing – Ritmo Quente”

Since we’re talking about classics and heartthrobs, actor Patrick Swayze couldn’t be left out of that list! Full of charm and with a lot of swing, he is the one who plays the dance instructor Johnny Castle, who will shake the vacations, the family and the structures of the young Baby (Jennifer Gray) in the film “Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm “. There is no way to watch and not want to go out dancing after the session!

3 – Bruce Willis, in “Duro de Matar”

This is for those who like heartthrobs and a lot of breathtaking action. In the classic “Hard to Kill “John McClane is a policeman who must stop enemies to protect his family and the city from terrorist attacks. The character is none other than Bruce Willis, an eternal heartthrob who makes a sigh with all his courage. advantage is that the production yielded a complete saga for you to see and review as many times as you want.

4 – George Clooney, in “The Peacemaker”

You can’t ignore George Clooney on that list, can you? The actor is the typical heartthrob at any age and at any time. But for those who want to remember their youth, it is worth watching the movie “The Peacemaker “, in which the star, in the role of Colonel Thomas Devoe, needs to discover what is behind a supposed Russian nuclear accident together with scientist Julia Kelly (Nicole Kidman).

5 – Keanu Reeves, in “Maximum Speed”

A bomb on the bus that can explode if the vehicle slows down is the plot of the film “Maximum speed “But who wouldn’t feel protected with Keanu Reeves, who plays the fearless policeman Jack Traven? The actor, still very young, secured his post as a heartthrob after risking his own life and saving passengers in this classic film production. Sandra Bullock say it!

6 – Kevin Costner, in “The Bodyguard”

With a reserved, discreet and even serious way, Kevin Costner drew sighs when playing agent Frank Farmer in the movie “O Coast Guard “. With the task of protecting the singer Rachel Marron, the romance between the heartthrob and the star Whitney Houston is one of those that melt the heart, wrapped in a soundtrack beyond that neat. Better prepare the scarf!


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