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Friday night tense on Naples. The police have faced with hundreds of young people who took to the streets of the Italian city to protest curfew night decreed in the region of Campania to stop the new wave of coronavirus. Around 11:00 pm, the start of the curfew in force until 5:00 am, several hundred people, most of them young, have burned containers and launched projectiles at riot control agents in the center of the city.

The demonstrations were called on social networks to challenge the curfew imposed in this region, as well as in Latium, a region of Rome, and in Lombardy, where Milan (north) is located. “If you close it, you pay for it”, you could read on the banners raised by protesters concerned about the economic consequences curfew.

A curfew can be added new confinement that the president of the Naples region, Vincenzo De Luca, has announced that he wants to impose as soon as possible. “We are on the brink of tragedy, a national lockdown is needed,” De Luca said at a time when Italy has registered about 20,000 new cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, 2,300 of them in Campania.

Although the region’s scientists and governors urge action, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for the moment it is opposed to a generalized confinement.

Italy, where spring lockdown plunged the economy into its worst recession since World War II, has registered 500,000 positive cases since the start of the pandemic and 37,059 deaths, according to data from the Health Ministry released on Friday.



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