Cinemas at risk of closure again: does it really make sense?

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There is a risk of a new DPCM arriving by the hour that will force the closure of cinemas, theaters and other places of culture. Places that are among the safest and most controlled. #notclosecinema

When the Coronavirus in Italy, a Codogno, I was al Berlin Festival. By attending cinemas and other closed environments with people from all over the world. Including China.
I remember then my terror was that some cases would come up there, inside the festival, and that they would keep me in quarantine in Germany, away from my family, for another two weeks.
Nothing happened. I left Berlin having stocked up on amuchine, found the thermoscanner in Fiumicino, and returned home and to work in Rome.
Within a few days, the lockdown, and everything we know well began: work from home, closed schools, closed bars and restaurants. Closed cinemas.
The measures, at the time, seemed painful to me but all in all sensible, and they served to keep infections low in Italy.
Then the free lair of all of the summer started, to let people and the economy breathe again: and perhaps we, the people, took advantage of it a little too much.
So much so that, in mid-August, the curve goes up again.

I must admit that towards the end of the summer, from my maritime retreat in the Marche region, the idea of ​​going back to putting my nose inside a cinema did not really drive me crazy. Because this virus has always scared me.
But then work is work, and passion is passion, and I am made, enjoying them all, The Rediscovered Cinema before and on Venice Festival then, and then again everything that came after: the press screenings, the conferences, the interviews, and even there Rome party.
Yesterday, for work-related reasons, I took a swab. And I tested negative. Even all the colleagues who have been going to theaters practically every day for months were negative.
To date, no outbreaks of infection have broken out in a cinema. And there have been no officially recorded infections that took place inside a cinema. “A survey published a few days showed that out of 350 thousand spectators since the reopening, only one tested positive, but with little certainty of having been infected in a cinema”, as he points out. Massimo Righetti, operator and distributor.

Now, it seems, cinemas are in danger of being closed again, like theaters, places where concerts are held. And even museums will, it seems, suffer a strong squeeze.
It is useless to be here now to talk about the importance of culture, eternal last in the interest of our rulers for decades.
It is also useless to talk about the fetish of the room, a subject on which it would also be useful to open a serious, long and reasoned debate.
The point is that closing cinemas again means bringing an entire industrial and economic sector to its knees, already severely tested by what has happened in recent months.

I admit it: it was really essential, to close the cinemas, I would not write these lines.
But it is now undoubted that entire months – months in which it was possible to plan, study, improve, organize the fight against Coronavirus – have been wasted. Months in which it was possible and had to analyze in detail the data on the places of contagion, to act in a drastic and targeted manner where really necessary.
But you enter the cinema after taking the temperature. We sit spaced out. The mask is used. And we are silent.
The cinemas close; public transport continues to be crammed with people, at the restaurant you sit tightly, and you are without a mask (for obvious reasons, but still without a mask), and the players continue to put on a show and get sick.
I’m biased, of course, it is about the sector I love and about my work.
But really closing cinemas like this, now, it really seems to me a move made de bang, meaningless, as René Ferretti would say.


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