Cillessen suffers a big setback shortly after receiving a positive review in Sport

Jasper Cillessen suffered a major setback in his preparations for the new season. According to reports, the 32-year-old goalkeeper suffered a muscle injury. BrandFor several weeks, Cillessen was not in circulation. Cillessen was again in Spain’s difficult season, and he once again held a permanent spot at Valencia. This season will begin against Getafe on August 13.

Cillessen occupied a second place in Valencia’s friendly with Europa League winner Villarreal (3-2 win). Soon after, Cillessen suffered a muscle injury. He was not able to participate in the club’s practice game against the Greek Atromitos on Wednesday night (3-0 win). Cillessen was replaced with Giorgi Mamardashvili who made two outstanding saves. Brand also on the training sessions shows that he knocks on the door of trainer José Bordalás.

Cillessen was relieved to hear that he is still in the running for the selection in the 2021/22 season, despite a year of setbacks and injuries. He seems to be the first choice for Bordalás. “Cillessen’s smile comes from only one man: José Bordalás,” wrote SportAfter the 3-2 win over Villarreal, Bordalás was appointed in May as the permanent successor to the fired Javi Gracia. The new trainer, who came from Getafe, quickly introduced his philosophy to his new students.

Bordalás is known as a coach who pays strict attention to the fitness of his players: they have to be able to push their limits and play football relentlessly to get results. Cillessen notes that his team has had ‘character’ since the arrival of Bordalás. Cillessen described the first practice match of the new season as “a very difficult game after an extremely tough week”. Valencia will face Cartagena (July 24, Real Zaragoza, Levante (July 28, Levante (July 30, Levante) and Brentford (7 August), in preparation for the duels that Cillessen seems not to have missed.

Jaume Domenech (concurrent) was not allowed to play in most of last season’s games. However, it now appears that he must stop. Cillessen will become Valencia’s first goalkeeper, if there isn’t an offer that pleases both sides. SportRecently, there was much to be reported. Cillessen, a sixty-year-old international Orange, has signed a contract in Valencia until mid-2023. Cillessen will be losing twelve million euros in Valencia over the next two-year period, according to the newspaper. This includes his salary costs as well as the amortization of the transfer fee to Barcelona (35 million euros) in 2019. “The club would like to save that amount, but Bordalás wants to keep Cillessen clear.”


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