Christoph Metzelder, former player of Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid y Schalke 04 Among others, he has been accused by the prosecution of Düsseldorf, in Germany, of possession and distribution of child pornography.

The former defender had been the subject of a journalistic investigation by ‘Der Spiegel’ and ‘Bild’ that led to a police investigation for months. From the beginning he was accused of having trafficked in pornographic material, obtained from the seizure of a computer and a mobile phone that they obtained in a registry last September.

According to the first investigations, Metzelder traded in images of child pornographyAt least with a woman from Hamburg. The prosecution has not given the name of the player, but they do speak of a “former international German footballer”, who, thanks to journalistic investigations, has been determined to be Metzelder. The former footballer’s lawyers are trying to have the trial held behind closed doors due to the media scandal it would entail, something that remains to be seen.

The prosecution has already cost Metzelder dearly on the job. On the one hand, the chain ARD where he was a commentator fired him as soon as the first information about it was published, and the TuS Haltern, club in which he was president, has set him aside until the prosecution’s investigation is resolved.

Metzelder spent three seasons at Real Madrid, marked by injuries, in which he barely reached twenty games played. However, his record contains La Liga and the 2008 Spanish Super Cup that he won with the Chamartín team.