Christmas / New Year Badges

Looking for unique Christmas and New Year badges to add festive flair to your celebrations? Browse our collection now and make your holiday season even more special!

Christmas / New Year Badges: Animated Elements for Festive Projects

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, with people all over the world coming together to enjoy good food, good company, and plenty of festive cheer. For anyone looking to add an extra touch of magic to their Christmas or New Year projects this year, the Christmas / New Year Badges template could be just what you need.

About Christmas / New Year Badges

Made entirely within After Effects without any pre-rendered elements or Illustrator shapes involved in the process, this versatile template features many animated shapes that can be used either separately or together in your own project. Each badge has its own colors control expression which allows you to change every color in each individual badge at once with just one click.

The resolution available is HD1080 while each badges’ length lasts 20 seconds. The AE version required for using this template is Adobe After effects CS4 or Higher.

Special Features:

  • Each badge has its own set of colors control expression allowing easy changes
  • You can use all elements individually as well as combined into one project .
  • The package includes 11 plus animated badges .
  • A well-organized layout makes it easy for users to navigate through files easily.
  • This package comes complete with Universal Expression compatible making it accessible by anyone regardless if they speak another AE language *Helpful documentation PDF + Video tutorial included*

Font :

Please note that fonts are not included; however you may download them free from First Font and Second Font respectively so that your designs stay consistent throughout different mediums where applicable..

Music :

If music isn’t already on hand then feel free head over where there’s a selection ranging from simple melodies perfect background ambiance up sweeping orchestral fanfares certain spark festive spirit amongst listeners! One popular option among users include Merry Christmas by AudioJungle user Pinkzebra!.

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