Christian Wedge on the results of the Eifel Grand Prix

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Former Formula 1 driver Christian Wedge in the ServusTV program commented on the results of the last race …

Christian Wedge: “It is difficult to compare Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, yet they are from different eras. When Michael won race after race behind the wheel of a Ferrari, it was great. Now Hamilton is at the top and he can win even more races.

Lewis already has a big lead this year. He can miss three races and remain the leader of the championship. Hamilton is very fast, stable and works best with tires. This is impressive!

His team-mate Valtteri Bottas at the Nurburgring once again demonstrated his skills during the fight with Lewis on the first lap. He was aggressive and precise – great maneuver.

I am impressed with the performance of Niko Hulkenberg. It’s incredibly difficult to get behind the wheel and qualify right away. However, he did a great job. Only half a second was not enough to get to the second part. We can say that he was lucky in the race – many retired, otherwise he would have finished tenth or twelfth, but we must admit – Niko again had a great race.

The situation at Ferrari? Vettel does not like the instability of the rear of the car, and Leclerc knows how to cope with it. Looks like Sebastian is a little tired of this. It is clear that the relationship with Ferrari went wrong. I think they could more elegantly inform him of the breakup at the end of the season. He also makes mistakes. His reversal at the Nurburgring was the result of an absurd mistake, more typical for beginners. Apparently, at that moment he was thinking about something else. “



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