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The first-born of Federico and Mary of Denmark and second in the line of succession celebrates his anniversary with a photographic report of a model

Christian from Denmark was born on October 15, 2005 at the Copenhagen University Hospital at 01:57, weighed 3.5 kilos and measured 51.3 centimeters. The arrival of the eldest son of Prince Frederick, second in the line of succession to the Danish crown, and Mary of Denmark meant the happy ending of a love story that they tell began in a bar in Sydney where the two agreed, and the tranquility to have the heir of the heir. On January 21, 2006, he was baptized in the chapel of the Christiansborg Palace, in Copenhagen with the Christian dress that was made for his great-great-grandfather, King Christian X and later used by his great-grandfather, Frederick IX, his grandmother, Margaret II and his own father, Prince Frederick.

Since then, 15 years have passed and Prince Christian, who as a child aroused sympathy for his smiling appearance and chubby face, has become a young man of his time and the only male of the adolescent generation of new heirs to the royal houses Europeans who in the future, if the dynastic transfer is consolidated, will be in charge of the royal houses of Belgium, Holland, Norway, Spain and Sweden. They are called to be queens Isabel of Belgium, Amalia of Holland, Ingrid of Norway and Victoria of Sweden.

For that moment to come Christian from Denmark has a long way to go. His grandmother, Queen Margaret continues to lead the Danish crown and his father, Prince Frederick, has years of reign ahead of him when the time comes to pick up the baton from his mother. The prince for the moment has limited himself to celebrating his birthday with a photo shoot by Franne Voight, in which he looks like a teenage idol. Alone, without his parents, as has happened in other royal houses, the young man poses with a Devon Sawa haircut, which was a star teenager in the cinema of the nineties.

Everything was written on his name since he was born, because according to Danish tradition the first son of the heir to the throne has to be alternately named Frederick or Christian. Since his father is Federico, it was his turn for Christian. But his life has not been as traditional as the choice of his name was. He was the first member of the Danish royal family to attend a kindergarten and also the first to attend a public school, the Tranegard. He has been a page at the wedding of his aunt and godmother, Victoria of Sweden when he married Daniel Westling on June 19, 2010, and something much more typical of his age but unusual enough is that he has appeared as a character in a chapter of The Simpson, where the famous Springfield family parodied the European monarchies.

His short life leaves few anecdotes. Little more than he was briefly hospitalized a few days after his birth due to jaundice and that he was the protagonist of another more worrying news but with a happy ending: in 2015, when he was still nine years old, a lifeguard and paddle surf champion saved him from Drowning after being trapped in a current on an Australian beach where he was on vacation with his parents. The family was spending a day in Mermaid, a town in northwestern Australia – his mother’s country of origin – when a lifeguard named Nick Malcom had to come to rescue him and leave him safe and sound on the shore.

Five years later, his image is very different. He accompanies his parents on many of their trips and official acts and in the photographs, in which he has features that are very reminiscent of his mother, he shows an informal, modern and fun image, which convey the feeling that he is a young man of his time and that he is safely on the ground that is right now ahead.

Christian, along with his brothers – Isabella and twins Vincent and Josephine – and his mother, Mary Donaldson, moved to Switzerland last year while his father, Prince Federico, continued in Denmark attending to his official duties. The family, who posed in Verbier when the stay in Switzerland began, explained that the change of residence was due to the studies of the children of the marriage. A palace spokesman explained in an Instagram message: “With the school stay, the crown prince’s partner hopes to give their children experience in an international environment.” The children had been enrolled in the Lemania-Verbier International School, which according to its website “promotes critical thinking and creativity with an emphasis on sport to develop the personality of each child and help them become leaders with a social conscience.”

However, in early January, the first signs of what has become a pandemic advised that all of them return to Denmark. Again a statement from the Palace reported on the issue: “On January 6, 2020, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine embarked on a 12-week school break in Lemania-Verbier in Switzerland. Therefore, the school stay is suspended in advance and the four children, when public institutions reopen in Denmark, will continue their studies at Tranegårdskolen in Gentofte ”.

The stay of the royal family in Verbier had not been without controversy since it revealed that the crown princes own property there that until that moment the government was unaware. They bought it ten years ago, but they did not realize it and the parliamentary left asked for an explanation. The Red-green Unitary List party was interested in knowing why “no citizen had any idea about this property.” The information service of the Royal House considered it a “private matter”, but clarified something that further fueled the controversy: The couple rented the house through a real estate agency and pocketed the money. When it all came to light, he also made sure they would stop.


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