The American Christian Coleman, valid 100 meter world champion, you will not be able to compete again until May 14, 2022, after the athletics integrity unit, in charge of the fight against the doping, you have confirmed that you missed three checkpoints during 2019.

Specifically, the AIU inspectors could not locate him for one in January, another in April and another in December. Between the last two, in October, it was proclaimed world champion in Doha (Qatar).

In its writing, the AIU clearly specifies that “to avoid any doubt, there is no proof that the athlete has taken any prohibited substance”, but rather missed three checkups in the 12-month period, contravening articles 8.1a, 8.1c, 2.4 and Annex I on methodology in anti-doping tests, and, therefore, must be punished.

The sanction supposes, de facto, that the great dominator of the hectometer since the withdrawal of Usain Boltcan not be in the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021 (if they are disputed), where he was the great favorite to take the gold.

According to the protocol, the athlete has 30 days to appeal from the publication of this punishment. If the former IAAF, now World Athletics, still maintains the punishment, it may submit its complaint to the TAS, which will determine, without further appeals to higher sports authorities, whether the sanction is maintained or not.