Chrissy Teigen, 34, and the singer John Legend, 41, are expecting their third child together. Teigen has spoken in some about her previous pregnancies and has also told about her current pregnancy openly in her soma channels.

On Tuesday, Teigen said she went to bed after talking about her previous pregnancies as easy. He is scheduled to be on bed for at least two weeks.

– I didn’t really know what bed rest meant. I honestly thought that bed rest means just staying at home and relaxing, Teigen stated in his Instagram stories.

– I thought that I can lie back on the couch, but now I’m in trouble. I really have to be on bed.

Teigen states that this time pregnancy cannot be called easy.

– This is a bit of a difficult pregnancy. Fortunately, however, I feel good, he says.

– I was probably punished for the fact that I have spoken so much about how well the first two (pregnancy) belonged to. I thought being pregnant was awesome, but now I understand what it’s all about. I realize why some think that it is not so great, but I’m really happy that I look forward to this child, Teigen summed up Instagram.