Model Chrissy Teigen, 34, lost her third child to her husband, a singer John Legendin, 41, with about a month ago.

The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and Teigen published several heartbreaking sad pictures of the hospital saying goodbye to the deceased, Jack to his named little one and cries in his power.

Such pictures were published by Teigen:

Clearly, losing a child took a hard toll. However, many have wondered why images of such a personal and grueling matter have had to be published on social media.

Now Teigen answers the interviewers and opens the background to the situation anyway. He has posted online on the subject essay.

Teigen thanks all those who have remembered the family during difficult times with flower deliveries and other support. He also says he read all the messages he received.

Teigen also reveals why the pregnancy went wrong. He had been diagnosed with premature placental abruption. The baby could not be saved even by blood transfusions.

– After a few hospital nights, the doctor said what I already knew. It was time to say goodbye. the baby wouldn’t survive, and if this lasted longer, I might not survive either, Teigen tells of the last moments of being pregnant.

– In the evening I was told that in the morning it would be time to let go. I cried a little at first, then the crying turned into grumpy scenes where breathing didn’t keep up, he continues.

Teigen also says taking the pictures was his idea. She asked both her husband and mother for filming. Legend in particular was reluctant.

– He hated it, he really hated it. Shooting didn’t make sense to him. But I knew I wanted those pictures. I had to share this story, Teigen says.

The spouse did the work as instructed and filmed. The published images became a critique, but not for Teigen for a moment.

– I couldn’t be less interested. Exactly the same, even if you hate pictures and haven’t published them yourself.

– The pictures were only for those who have experienced the same and for those who are curious enough to know what this may feel like. The pictures are for those who need them, Teigen sums up.

Teigen and Legend are 3 years old Luna-daughter and 2-year-old Miles-son.