Model Chrissy Teigen, 34, was her husband, a singer John Legendin, 41, with headlines a month ago for a sad reason.

The couple lost their third child. Jack the named infant died due to premature placental abruption.

Teigen shared heartbreaking images on social media in which he says goodbye to his dead baby in the hospital. The images garnered plenty of participation, but they also raised questions about why such personal things should be shared in a somehow.

Teigen responded to the interviewers with an essay this week.

The woman stayed off Twitter for a while after her child’s death, but when she returned to the messaging service, a surprise awaited: Hillary Clinton had started following her!

And that’s not all, the politician had also reiterated Teigen’s report on the loss of a child and commented:

– Thank you so much Chrissy! The conversation you started will help families with the same experience, Clinton wrote.

Although Teigen himself is famous, he was so confused by Mrs. Clinton’s approach that she began to be ashamed of some of her own somethings.

– Dear time, Hillary Clinton just shared my writing. Now I have to be removed from the stupid videos, which I published. Hillary, please, don’t look at them, Teigen tweeted.

However, he was really taken for Hillary to pay attention to just his tweet.

– This is a great honour. You have dedicated your life to fighting for children’s health and women’s rights. For me, it means more than any moon in the world that you have shared my experience. Wow! Teigen wrote.

You can access the Teigen suites from this link.

Source: Mirror