Chris Evans: The photo with her private parts becomes a call to duty for Americans

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You will by now be aware of the news. That November 3 will vote for US presidential elections.
Ah, then it happened that Chris Evans accidentally posted on Instagram a story whose latest images revealed a part of the photo gallery of his smartphone and, among the icons of the photos, there was one that portrayed the silhouette of a penis. Presumably his.
Despite deleting the video almost immediately, there was enough time for some followers to take a screenshot. The private parts of Captain America have therefore become the trend of the last two days on social media, but with a move of extreme intelligence, the actor has manifested himself two days later by writing this tweet: “Now that you have my attention … VOTE on November 3”.

Evans he has always been quite active politically, often expressing his thoughts over the years. His latest extra-artistic endeavor was to found the information site named A Starting Point to provide the basis for all those who find it difficult to understand political news, so that they can make their own thoughts and understand the importance of the vote to re-elect the current President of the United States Donald Trump or lean towards a change of course with the challenger democratic candidate Joe Biden.
Chris Evans is therefore handling the situation in an exemplary way, “and I thank my fans who came to support” said the actor in an interview talking about all the people who have mobilized to stem the spread of that shot on the web. Overcome the embarrassment of hot photo posted by mistake, the actor found a way to overturn the omelette by calling his compatriots to duty and civic sense.


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