Chiqui Tapia sets a date for the return of soccer in Argentina: “If the Nation authorizes, we can return in October”

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The president of the AFA said that “the League will return when the health authorities say so”, but warned that, from the organizational point of view, “the conditions to do so are already in place.” He also talked about the Ascent tournaments.

“Have no doubts that we want and need the return, but life comes first.” The phrase came from the mouth of Claudio Chiqui Tapia, who no one gets out of his head the idea that the decision to stop the ball since March, in line with the decision of the Alberto Fernández government, was a great success.

Yes, the president of the AFA is convinced that, even with competition in most of the countries of the region, it was not a mistake to postpone the return until later. The epidemiological situation of the country requested it. And so he still asks, although in October the return begins to be feasible,

“If Nation says, of course (to be able to play in October). We are going to respect the decisions made,” Tapia said in statements to TyC Sports.

It is speculated that the return will take place between October 9 and 16. Everything, of course, if the Government approves it, something that did not happen in September. “I did not feel pressure from politics for football to return. Pressure not to return or change dates, we never received them. There were tentative dates, but we never said ‘September 25 begins, “Tapia explained.

The return from training was an important step. Now, with all the teams training, the return of official football is closer. “I am happy that Argentine football has the possibility of having started the training sessions, the competitions at the South American level, the Libertadores. Now we are moving forward with the flexibility of those training sessions and with the friendlies, “he said..

“In the last Executive Committee we set some tentative dates, that in November, if the sanitary conditions were in place, we were going to start competing in the tournaments that define promotions. Around that time the climate favors us and there is less risk of infection” He added referring to the return of the First National and the other categories, which would return some time after the start of the new Professional League.

Tapia also pointed out the claim that San Martín de Tucumán made in the TAS demanding automatic promotion to the First Division. “The administrative instances are to exhaust them. The will of most clubs is to support the decision of the Executive Committee. Move up the court. The decision of the tournaments has to be in the field and not on the desk, “he lamented.

And it went further: “I do not share that without exhausting the administrative instances a club goes to Justice. It’s not that I don’t allow it, I don’t share it. There are penalties for clubs. One in the eagerness to specify the objective, makes the decisions that are not the correct ones. The TAS is there and will have to get the resolution. Make it as fast as possible, we hope the TAS fails. What I touch we will have to accept“.

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