Chinese hitmen who subcontracted not to kill win a parody Nobel

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A group of Chinese hitmen who were subcontracted while each one kept part of the original reward but none killed the target was awarded this Thursday with the crazy prize Ig Nobel, American parody of the Nobel, in the Management category.

The events occurred in 2013 but did not go public in China until October last year, when various media reported the sentences of up to five years in prison for the six implicated in the case, from the southern region of Guangxi.

The story is as follows: a real estate investor named Tan Youhui and a businessman surnamed Wei had a conflict – unspecified – after collaborating on a project, which resulted in a lawsuit by the second to the companies of the first.

A complex of outsourcing

So Tan decided that the best option was to wipe Wei off the map, and to do so he hired, in October 2013, a hitman named Xi Guang’an to do the dirty work. paying him 2 million yuan (equivalent then to about $ 328,000).

However, far from finishing Wei, Xi he kept half the money and handed the other million yuan to another man, Mo Tianxiang, to take care of.

But if murdering Wei for two million yuan was not a good deal for Xi, much less was doing it for half of that sum for Mo, who was also was intimidated and subcontracted to another hit man, Yang Kangsheng, to whom he offered 270,000 yuan in advance and another 500,000 when the job was finished.

The strategy of incentivizing Yang with that second payment did not work either, and he again subcontracted to another Yang, named Guangsheng, for 200,000 yuan, 10% of the initial sum that Tan had originally offered Xi.

For that amount, which today would be equivalent to about $ 29,600 or 25,000 euros, Yang Guangsheng saw no benefit in staining his hands in that way, so, neither short nor lazy, half of those possible were rebooked profit and contacted Ling Xiansi to kill Wei for 100,000 yuan.

The goal lives on

When this latest subcontractor came about, six months had passed since the original assignment, and Wei was still alive. And he would continue to be, since Ling, far from complying with the agreement, got in touch with him and informed him that they wanted to get him out of the way.

As it is, Ling and Wei they colluded and took some photos that would prove the death of the businessman, managing to convince the entire chain of hitmen and even the real estate investor Tan.

However, despite being successful with the pantomime, the businessman decided to report the case to the Police and both Tan and these five inefficient hitmen ended up Sentenced to between two years and seven months and five years in prison.



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