Chinese army to use new vaccine against Covid-19 with military personnel

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The Chinese military has been authorized to use a vaccine against Covid-19. The vaccine was developed by the Chinese military research institute Military Academy of Medical Sciences and the pharmaceutical company CanSinoBIO.

“The clinical trial data has demonstrated a good safety profile and high levels of humoral and cellular immune response,” said CanSinoBIO in a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where it is listed.

According to the company, the Central Military Commission gave the green light on June 25 for the use of the vaccine on the military, which has about two million members. It is not immediately clear whether the approval would involve a vaccination campaign.

CanSinoBIO also stressed in its press release that it could not yet guarantee that the vaccine would be marketed to the general public.

About half of the 17 vaccines currently being tested in clinical trials are under development at Chinese laboratories or institutes, according to the World Health Organization WHO.

Russia also says that it has successfully tested corona vaccines on military personnel. “No complications or side effects were noted,” according to Russian military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star).

Russian health minister Mikhail Murashko said last weekend that Russia is preparing to sell the vaccines and other relevant medical equipment worldwide.



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