The 17-year-old country girl received a positive corona test result on Saturday. The completely asymptomatic case confused the authorities because all 800 colleagues who worked with her in the same clothing factory as well as the girl’s family members were corona negative.

However, China immediately conducted mass testing throughout Kashgar province and placed it under a militaristic strict curfew.

A total of five million residents were tested at high speed. Among them, 183 new cases of corona were found, all of which had some connection to the workplace of 17-year-old parents.

The 42 new cases confirmed on Wednesday represent the largest day reading on a Chinese scale since the beginning of August. On the other hand, in absolute terms, the situation in China is still very good.

Uighur region

Kashgar is mainly inhabited by Uighurs belonging to the Muslim minority. As a result, many Western observers suspect the central government of imposing more stringent corona measures on it. It is estimated that as many as two million Uighurs have been imprisoned in conditions reminiscent of prison camps.

Kashgar is the spiritual center of Xinjiang and an important trading post along the former Silk Road. Initially, the area was subjected to as tight a corona lock as the origin of the pandemic in Wuhan. This is despite the fact that only 70 cases of the disease and three COVID-19 deaths were reported there in the spring.

China has based its crown battle on quite massive testing and extremely strict movement restrictions. Earlier this month, all ten million residents of the port city of Qingdao were tested in just four days due to a few cases of infection.

However, according to experts, this method is not perfect because the test result of all those who carry the virus is not immediately visible. In this way, they may spread the disease unknowingly.

– From a scientific point of view, there is no need to test the whole city, China’s leading epidemiologist Wu Zunyou admitted China Newsweek -in leaf.

– When new cases no longer appear, testing can be stopped.