China releases video of simulated bombing of US base

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The Chinese Army Air Force has posted a video in the social networks in which it shows H-6 bombers attacking from simulated form a air base That resembles to Andersen’s American, located in the guam island.

He video was published last Saturday in the official count of the chinese air forces on the Sina Weibo network, shortly after China responded with military exercises in the Strait of Formosa to the visit to Taiwan of the US Undersecretary of State, Keith Krach.

In the two minutes and 15 seconds that the video lasts, titled The God of War H-6KOn the attack, you can see how the bombers take off from a base in the middle of the desert until one of the pilots presses a button to release a missile on a runway that resembles the Andersen base of Guam, where the US houses essential facilities for its operations in the Pacific.

Once the projectile hits the target, images of the ground shaking can be seen, accompanied by a large explosion. He videoHowever, it makes no reference to either Guam or the United States, and simply clarifies that China has “the confidence and the ability to guarantee the safety of its skies.”

“We must attack those who dare to harass us. It is clear that the ‘great force’ is Guam. Yes, correct, Guam,” says user Zhanli5 in the comments of Sina Weibo that accompany the video, while another assures that “we must prepare for the fight and recover Taiwan.” “We have to reunify Taiwan and we certainly will,” he adds.

The rebel province

Beijing, which considers Taiwan a rebel province which has to be reunified with the rest of the country, responded last Friday to Krach’s visit with maneuvers by its naval and air forces in the area of ​​the Taiwan Strait that he described as “necessary to deal with the current situation” and “defend national unity “.

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense confirmed that they entered the island airspace a total of 18 Chinese military aircraft: two H-6 bombers, eight J-16 fighters, four J-10 fighters and another four J-11 fighters, which crossed the imaginary line that divides the Strait at four different points to the northwest and to the southwest of the island.

The US television network CNN reported last week that Washington plan to sell to Taiwan 7,000 million dollars (5,916 million euros) in weapons that include cruise missiles and drones, although the island’s Ministry of Defense has not wanted to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterated that the Taiwan issue is “an internal matter of China in which there is no room for foreign interference.”



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