Chinese health officials said on Monday they would take massive testing measures in the million city of Qindao. News about the matter, among other things BBC.

Authorities said they would do a corona test in five days for all of the city’s more than nine million residents. The city of Qindao, with a population of 9.4 million, is located southeast of Beijing.

Qingdao health authorities decided to test the entire city after six coronary infections were diagnosed at a local hospital last Sunday.

These are the first mass tests in China in months. Earlier this year, China conducted mass testing in Wuhan, saying 11 million people had been tested in ten days.

A total of 140,000 new patients with coronary symptoms and medical staff had been tested in the city before Sunday, according to Qingdao authorities.

Daily coronavirus infections have declined in China, and most of the country appears to have recovered from the worst.

There are currently 85,578 confirmed cases of the virus in China and the number of deaths is 4,634.