According to the pharmaceutical company CanSino, the patent application for the vaccine called Ad5-nCoV was filed with the National Intellectual Property Administration on March 18, three days after the launch of the first phase of clinical trials, and approval was obtained on August 11.

The grant of the patent is further confirmation of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and convincingly demonstrates intellectual property rights, CanSino said in a statement issued by the Global Times.

“The grant of the patent proves the originality and creativity of the vaccine,” said Xu Xinming, an intellectual property lawyer, stressing that the technology or product itself must be fundamentally different from other similar technologies or products in the world for the patent to be obtained. .

CaSino’s PR department denied a connection between the patent grant and the vaccine’s marketing process, explaining that they are subject to different examination systems. But vaccine experts say that this way the vaccine can get into production more easily.

The results of the first two phases of the clinical trials of this vaccine candidate were published on July 20 and showed a good safety profile, as well as high levels of humoral and cellular immune responses.

CanSino has signed agreements with Mexico for advanced stages of clinical trials, the Mexican Foreign Ministry announced last week.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia announced on August 9 that 5,000 volunteers from this country will participate in third-phase clinical trials.

The company is also in talks with Russia, Brazil and Chile to recruit volunteers from those countries.

The US has accused China of its hackers trying to steal data on research and vaccines against the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. On the other hand, the American company Inovio Pharmaceuticals has been collaborating since July with the Chinese company Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Co. for the development of the INO-4800 experimental vaccine and advanced clinical trials are underway. According to the Global Times, it is the first COVID-19 vaccine to be tested simultaneously in the US and China.
There is also a collaboration between the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Chinese company Xiamen Innovex to develop a vaccine candidate based on the virus protein.