At the same time as the whole world followed the president Donald Trumpin punching in the crossfire of face masks, television controversies and coronary infections, dropped by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping a real news bomb.

– Humanity can no longer afford to ignore the warnings of nature, the Chinese leader signaled to the UN General Assembly in his video.

Xi promised that from now on, China would take the fight against climate change seriously. And that the giant state would be carbon neutral by 2060 at the latest.

– It’s a revolutionary change. China’s announcement is the most significant climate news since the Paris Agreement, Sitra’s senior adviser Oras Tynkkynen comment on the news.

Indeed, Korona may be second when the 2020 news is valued in the future. The Chinese announcement may reverse the course of the entire planet.

– This Chinese carbon neutrality target alone will cut the global average temperature rise by 0.2-0.3 degrees. It is a significant slice in relation to the global goal (limiting the rise to 1.5 degrees), Tynkkynen continues.

– The promise must be credible both politically and technically. There are reports that China could choose to be carbon neutral by 2050. Those solutions already exist.

2050 is also the EU’s goal. Finland has already piled up its own carbon neutrality by 2035, and after China’s announcement, no one should have a knock on the beak about it.

– The Chinese ghost has always been haunting in climate discussions. If Finland has tried to take some emission reduction measures, then there will always be “but China”, Tynkkynen says.

– The weight of this argument decreases quite by law. If a country like China commits to the goals, it is difficult to justify why it would not be possible in Finland.

USA question mark

The Treaty of Paris was signed five years ago, and many have already been disappointed by the rather slow way in which states respond to its demands. Climate change is ongoing all the time and is already affecting all over the globe.

– The good thing about this is that you still have time to tighten the screw along the way. I would almost dare to bet that China will become carbon neutral before 2060, Tynkkynen flashes.

– China tends to make promises that it will certainly be able to deliver. It has been very careful to commit to anything in climate policy. X’s announcement is a sign that this is now being taken very seriously.

China and the EU are now looking in the same direction in reducing CO2 emissions. A big question mark is the United States, which has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, for example, during Trump’s term.

– A lot depends on the outcome of the presidential election. If Joe Biden to win, he brings the United States as his first act back to the treaty. He also has a very ambitious climate plan for US conditions.

– If the election goes otherwise, the United States will be the biggest emitter on the sidelines of the climate front. At the federal level, it is pointless to wait for progress, Tynkkynen concludes.