China and India pledge to withdraw troops from disputed border areas

China and India announced on Friday that they want to de-escalate the conflict over the border in the Himalayas. The countries have agreed, among other things, to withdraw the border troops from the area.

Delegates from the two countries met in Moscow on Thursday and reached an agreement on five counts.

“Foreign ministers have agreed that the current situation in the border area is to no one’s advantage,” said a joint statement. “The border forces of both sides must continue their dialogue, withdraw as soon as possible, maintain an appropriate distance and ease tensions.”

The agreement was concluded after an incident. China and India accused each other of shooting into the air in a confrontation last week. That is a violation of the agreement not to use firearms in the area.

India and China have been in conflict for decades over vast, mostly uninhabited, tracts of land in the mountain region. China claims more than 90,000 square kilometers in the east of the Himalayan region and 38,000 square kilometers in the west. India disputes that.

The two countries fought a war over the border in 1962. Since then, new riots have arisen regularly. In June, people were killed for the first time in 45 years during such a confrontation.



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