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Chileans will vote on Sunday in a historic referendum on the introduction of a new constitution. The plebiscite was one of the demands of protesters who protested massively against social inequality in the South American country last year.

The increase in public transport rates resulted in massive riots

On the ballot paper, the Chileans can indicate whether they want a new constitution or keep the constitution of the right-wing government of the current president Sebastián Piñera.

In addition, they can vote on how the possible new constitution should be composed: for example, by a specially composed team of newly elected members or by a mixed team of new members and representatives of the current government.

The latest polls show that Chileans are likely to vote for the new constitution.

Voters from the country with approximately 18 million inhabitants have until 8 p.m. (12 a.m. Dutch time) to vote.

After several price increases by the Chilean government, millions of residents of the country took to the streets in October last year. They demonstrated against the government of Piñera, and in particular the social inequality and high cost of living that, according to the protesters, are involved in government policy.

The last straw was an increase in the rate of public transport: the price for a metro ticket during rush hour rose from about 800 Chilean peso to 830 Chilean peso (1.05 euro).

During the large-scale demonstrations, demonstrators clashed with agents several times. Dozens of people lost their lives.



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