Chilean police officer who threw a young man off a bridge ceased

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The Chilean Police announced this Thursday the cessation of the agent who threw into the bed of a river in Santiago under 16 years in the framework of a demonstration, an incident that once again put the security forces in the spotlight for its brutality and aroused condemnations from international organizations.

Sebastian Zamora, 23, “has been formally notified of his discharge, which is obviously subject to the conclusion of the administrative summary that has been opened for this purpose,” confirmed his lawyer, Nubia Vivanco.

The former agent was accused of “attempted homicide” on October 4 by the Prosecutor’s Office and remains in preventive detention in a police station in the north of the capital.

Bad behavior

As explained by the defender, the body of Carabineros (militarized police) dismissed Zamora for “misconduct”, after learning that he was carrying two undeclared body cameras at the time of the attack in the vicinity of Plaza Italia, the epicenter of the so-called “social outbreak” that began in Chile in October from last year.

“The misconduct is charged with having done use of your private camera in the October 2 procedure and not having given timely notice, “Vivanco added to local media, which announced an appeal.

The Chilean Police initially denied the facts and stated that ladolescent fall It was due to an accident, but the viralization of different videos on social networks forced him to open an internal investigation.

Human rights violations

The onslaught suffered by the young man, a native of the peripheral district of Puente Alto and already recovered from the serious injuries that he suffered, caused great commotion and led the opposition to demand the resignation of both the General Director of the Police, Mario Rozas, and the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez.

The Carabineros institution has been in the spotlight for months because of the police repression It was carried out during the protests that began this year, the most serious since the end of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), and various international organizations such as the UN have accused it of human rights violations.



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