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Not just adult horror movies on Halloween night, Amazon Prime Video has a selection of streaming thrills for the little ones to watch during a reassuring home afternoon.

Before the night of Halloween, there is the afternoon before Halloween night. In these dire times, wandering around apartments with friends for the classic “trick or treat” it is not an activity that children can do. Even the parties must be renounced this year, but the domestic atmosphere can be kept intact with a suitable disguise and a few films to guarantee the right thrills.
Below we advise you five streaming movies for kids in perfect Halloween theme available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.

Halloween Movie for Kids: Vampiretto (2017)

Vampiretto tells the story of Rudolph, a small vampire who becomes isolated from the rest of his family when his clan is attacked by a vampire hunter. Rudolph takes refuge in a hotel where he makes friends with his peer, the human Tony, who loves vampires and immediately becomes his friend. Tony will help Rudolph save his family and stop the fearsome vampire hunter.

Watch Vampiretto on Amazon Prime Video

Halloween movie for kids: Fuchsia, a miniature witch (2010)

Fuchsia she was raised by the wizard Quark, after being found in an egg, and attends the school of little witches. Despite Quark’s warnings, the little girl one day comes into contact with a boy named Tommy and, following him recklessly into his world, she learns that the forest is in danger because of the child’s uncle, who intends to cut down the trees to build a road. .

Watch Fuchsia, a miniature witch on Amazon Prime Video

Halloween Movie for Kids: Casper (1995)

The wicked Carrigan inherited a castle in Maine in which a treasure is said to be kept. The manor, however, is inhabited by four ghosts who still have outstanding issues and among them there is also the little one Casper, kind and curious to make friends with the newcomers … A ghost story for young and old that stars one of the first characters in the history of cinema to be entirely made in CGI, but no less capable of giving emotions to all … “alive”.

Watch Casper on Amazon Prime Video

Halloween Movie for Kids: The Crocodile House (2012)

11-year-old Victor has just moved with his family into a spooky old house. One day he finds the diary of Cecilia, a girl who died in the house many years before in mysterious circumstances. Victor reads it kidnapped, following his enigmatic tracks, but some shady neighbors spy on his investigations. In The house of the crocodile will they all be implicated in Cecilia’s death?

Watch The Crocodile House on Amazon Prime Video

Halloween Movie for Kids: The Addams Family (1991)

When Uncle Fester reappears after 25 years in the Bermuda Triangle, Gomez and Morticia decide to throw a party to raise the dead. The Addams family is a thrilling classic, inspired by the characters created in the 1930s by cartoonist Charles Addams and protagonists of various films. Now a cult, this 1991 version is direct Barry Sonnenfeld with Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and a very young girl Christina Ricci.

Watch The Addams Family on Amazon Prime Video

children's movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video


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