Children? They have a clear opinion on this

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Do Caro and Andreas Robens want children? The bodybuilder couple, who have just won “The Stars’ Summer House”, have a clear opinion on this.

In their VOX documentary “Caro & Andreas – 4 fists for Mallorca”, Caro, 41, and Andreas Robens, 54, give their fans an insight into their private lives on the sunny island of Mallorca. In the current episode, which ran on Monday evening (November 2nd), the language turned to a topic that especially annoys Caro: children.

Do Caro and Andreas Robens want children?

Caro and Andreas have long proven that they both have big hearts. The two have been dog parents for a good ten years and their four-legged friends mean a lot to them. But what about your own children? So far, the two have no offspring – and nothing will change that. The bodybuilder couple made this clear in their reality documentary on Monday evening. Above all, Caro Robens found clear words on the subject of children, because it is apparently also who made the decision against having their own offspring. “Firstly, we don’t have time for that, and secondly, Caro doesn’t want a child. I can live with that,” says her husband, Andreas. But is he really fine with his wife’s decision? In the interview it sounded different in the meantime: “Every now and then I would like to have a kid you can do something with or a daughter that you dress up nicely and buy her clothes.”

Caro finds “nothing positive in a child”

Andreas obviously has little say in the matter of planning offspring, because his Caro has a blatant opinion that he has to accept: “There is nothing positive about a child for me. If you borrow one for half an hour, that’s great. As soon as they start to smell, scream or get exhausted, I can say, ‘Here mom, your child is back.’ “

There was never a desire to have children

She has never had a desire to have children, continues the bodybuilder: “As a five-year-old I said to my friend, who was thinking about what she would later call her child, that I didn’t want any. And I’ve had that all my life pulled through. ” The fact that she decided against having children does not meet with everyone’s understanding. On the contrary. Rather, she constantly has to justify herself for it – and that goes against the grain: “I find it sad when people keep asking: ‘Why don’t you have children?’ Why does everyone have to have children?”

Source used: VOX


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