Chelo Delgado launched an unhappy phrase about the Villa case: “It has happened to all of us”

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A member of the Soccer Council, the former forward was wrong when gave his opinion on the complaint of gender violence by the Colombian and ignited the controversy in the networks. Will you play in the Copa Libertadores?

The interview to Marcelo Delgado placeholder image I was going the other way. He Chelo, a member of the Soccer Council that heads Juan roman riquelme, did an analysis of Inter from Porto Alegre, he Boca’s rival in the second round of the Copa Libertadores, counting what 10’s plans were for when the time for the retirement of Carlos Tevez and even the desire to a possible final with River in the Maracanã. However, from one moment to the next, everything was completely misconfigured when he gave his opinion on the case of Sebastian Villa.

“Hopefully the Sebastian issue can be resolved soon. We know that he is a professional, he comes to train with joy, he has played many friendly matches with Argentinos, Arsenal, this Friday with Barracas. I see him very well and I hope we can have him on the court soon and, as I say, I see him happy, he’s been going to the psychologist for five months and the truth is that this is the most important thing for us, “said Delgado in “90 Minutos”, ESPN program.

Until then, nothing out of place. A politically correct answer, on cassette. Until he expanded the concept. And skidded.

“Besides, I’m going to tell you: we are already great too, these things have happened to all of us at some point. Sometimes you have to take it very calmly as well and, obviously, let’s hope that it is fixed in the best way, “concluded the 47-year-old former forward. It was an unhappy phrase, out of context, which did not lead to second readings. That’s how it sounded, aberrant. Sebastián Vignolo, in charge of the interview, did not cross-examine and continued as if nothing had happened.

Immediately, and while he continued giving the note, his statements they went viral on social networks and the controversy flared, even among the fans of Boca who repudiated Delgado’s sayings.

He Chelo He was not the first to screw up the Villa issue, It had already happened to Jorge Amor Ameal and not just once, but twice.

Villa’s judicial situation, for now, has been delayed for more than a month and a half waiting for a final psychological examination for Daniela Cortés, the forward’s ex-wife, who is in Colombia. Virtual expertise is expected.

Boca’s decision, at first, was to wait for Justice to make a determination and just after defining what to do with the Colombian. However, the CD could back off on flip flops. Why? Because it is very possible that Villa, that this Friday he scored three goals in a friendly and “flies” in training, play again just in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

It remains to be seen if, based on the controversial sayings of Delgado, the Football Council or even the club’s leadership, takes another measure.

Delgado also spoke of other issues that weigh on the Boca World.

“We are enjoying Carlitos as he does on the field of play. We have shared a dressing room, we know him very well and the truth is he is having a great time. I see him happy. Since we took office we sat down with Carlos and Roman, we chatted for 15 minutes and they made things clear. We want to enjoy it on a playing field. He already knows that the day he doesn’t feel like competing, he’ll stay working with us. “

“At the moment, we have not discussed the renewal of Russo with the Council, but we will have to sit down and talk. We are very happy, overall.”

“It is a great team and Coudet, a great coach. We take it very calmly, the players and the coaching staff, too. Our squad is doing it in the best way. Since we took office we were lucky to win the championship, The pandemic seized us and little by little we recovered. We aimed to win the Cup. “

“It could happen … We are thinking about Inter and hopefully we will pass and meet River again in the final. It would be a great final and, as I always say, may the best man win.”

“What I notice and see with the guys from the Council is that Boca is recovering the level it had when it won the tournament in March. Afterwards, the pandemic caught us. But we see them training and competing and they are returning to the level we started in January and February”.

“The game that Cardona played with Caracas was brilliant. He played after a long time and did well. Imagine the talent he has, the pause he made for Fabra to pass him behind in the goal of Charlie Brown it was very good. It was wonderful to see him like this. You see him happy and content. “


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