Viewers of Yle’s regional news may have wondered where favorite presenter Salla Paajanen, 55, has disappeared from the screen.

– I’ve been on sick leave until midsummer. Therefore, the summer holiday had to be postponed, says Paajanen, who was reached by Iltalehti.

He underwent a major operation just over three weeks ago.

– My back broke. I got a spacer hoop. It took away loose material that weighed on the nerve and caused quite a bit of pain, Paajanen says.

He describes the effort as typical of Finnish middle-aged people. Although many can get their symptoms without surgery, Paajanen was not spared.

– I used to have spinal cord stenosis, and the loose material caused its own problems, Paajanen says.

– All the incisions were then treated at the same time, more space was engraved on the bone and the septal hernia was treated. The pains remained on the operating table, but there is a long rehabilitation ahead.

Prohibition of downloading

Paajanen has just come from a physiotherapist and occupational health doctor. Sick leave was extended with this batch at least until the end of October.

Recovering from a major surgery takes time.

– However, it went through tissues and muscles and ruptured the spinal cord. The physiotherapist compared the situation to the fact that if there is a deep wound in the finger, then neither will heal in an instant.

Paajanen is now recovering at home in Tampere from her husband and youngest son, in his twenties. Valentine in tender care.

– Well, they care how they treat … But yes, they were wonderful when I got home from the hospital, Paajanen laughs.

He is already able to do things himself, although sometimes he has to go far.

– However, vacuuming and snow creation is strictly forbidden! It is liberating. Admittedly, the ban on downloading is sad. The daughter promised to come to the rescue next week and take work orders.

– It is annoying that I do not get to the cultural routes of the autumn. Namely, I can only sit a quarter at a time, Paajanen says.

And there is nothing going to be done now either.

– I tried a little makeup and put on my hair. The rotation was surprisingly strenuous on the back. Because of Korona, we now do our square makeup in the news ourselves, so that’s why I can’t get back to work right away.

Korona time has silenced Paajanen’s life anyway. In the spring, he already got used to special arrangements at work, as news anchors are protected from the corona in every way.

Prior to major surgery, people had to be regulated for fear of infection.

– My 5-year-old granddaughter lives in that nearby Nokia, but we haven’t seen her as often as usual. Yes, we have been in the context of the video, and I’ve got pictures.

– This week we also started correspondence. The girl brought a letter to Grandma’s mailbox and Grandma sent a postcard to Nokia, Paajanen laughs.

Language in control

Paajanen has had health concerns in the past, as a precursor to cancer has been found in his tongue.

– It is monitored regularly. If Korona does not postpone the times, there should be control again towards the end of the year.

– The last time a visible cell change was removed from my language was last February. The language has now been operated on a dozen times, Paajanen says.

He suspects that cellular changes in language will go the rest of their lives. You just have to learn to live with them.

– For example, I avoid gluten and sour berries and fruits that are irritating.

– Sometimes mandarins and rye bread and beer have been pulled crazy with vitamin C lust. It has then retaliated as ulcers of the tongue, which must have been burned away.

However, back surgery was bigger than tongue surgery. Paajas is already starting to miss the old hobby, flamenco.

– If one day I dared to put on high heels, he sighs.

Lauri in mind

Paajasen Lauriboy died in 2012 after freezing under a train. He would turn 31 on November if he lived.

– Lauri is in thoughts every day. He died at the age of 22 and Valle is now 20. Many things come to mind when I look at Valle, the brothers remind each other. Valle, like her brother, is tall and slender.

– Big brother and little brother played console games together, and now Valle is studying game technology. It might become a profession for him. We often also remember funny stuff. My brother’s actions stay in mind when we talk about them, Paajanen says.

Now, however, the mother is taking time for her own recovery. Summer has been spent spitting in the garden. The walking loops lengthen and the gyms gradually diversify.

And, of course, the news anchor doesn’t stay off the screen.

– I follow the news a lot online, but no later than half past nine news and Ten news must also be watched on television. What kind of news person would get out of his hair?