The Mercedes Benz scooter comes with a 500W engine, two-wheel suspension and a 280Wh battery, which does not impress in the scooter market but should be enough to allow 25 kilometers of autonomy.

Mercedes promotes the scooter as a “last-mile” vehicle, which will help you complete the last kilometers of your journey, so that the speed it can reach is quite low – 20km / h.

However, the eScooter has fairly large wheels for its overall size, measuring 20 centimeters in diameter, and Mercedes says it should withstand up to 5000km. That means around 1,500 last-mile roads promoted by Mercedes. But it is not a very light scooter – at 13.5 kg, there are many other models with a lower weight than the e-Scooter.

Mercedes has not yet announced a launch date or a price, but it has a video presenting the new scooter. The German carmaker is not the only one trying to make its place in the electric scooter market – Ford also created an electric scooter in 2018, and General Motors quickly entered and exited the electric bicycle market.

Motor sports fans will surely see the new Mercedes scooter at work on Formula 1 circuits, where Lewis Hamilton, the main driver of Mercedes, can often be seen on electric scooters, walking through the paddock.