Chase Carey: We want to show the world that we are moving forward

Trump pardons General Flynn, first fallen for the investigations of the Russian plot

The former head of National Security pleaded guilty to having lied to investigators about his contacts with the Russian ambassador in WashingtonDonald Trump has...

In a speech to Americans, Joe Biden warned: ‘We are at war against a virus, not against us’

The president-elect stressed that the country faces a "dramatic upswing" in cases. And he called for extreme caution at the Thanksgiving feast.The president-elect...

Trump pardons former adviser Flynn who confessed to lying to the FBI

US President Donald Trump has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump let that know via Twitter. Flynn has been...

Damocles’ sword hovers over the Hungarian cultural life in Transcarpathia

- tells our anonymity source to the Index, referring to the fact that the administrative transformations in Ukraine have now reached Transcarpathia. Otherwise,...

Trump gives forgiveness to General Flynn, his first National Security adviser

The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Wednesday the pardon of General Michael T. Flynn, his first national security adviser...

Formula 1 chief executive Chase Carey, speaking of the calendar for next season, made it clear that although 23 races are planned for 2021, the championship organizers will be ready to show some flexibility if necessary.

Chase Carey: “Initially this year we were going to hold 22 races, and the next is planned for only one more – the expansion of the calendar is due to the huge interest in Formula 1, which we feel in many countries.

We are quite optimistic, all our promoters intend to hold their own races, which is gradually returning us to normal, although there is some flexibility in the calendar.

All the promoters are going to race with the audience, but the world is now such that there is some degree of uncertainty, and we have no way of predicting how the pandemic will develop. However, everyone is optimistic about the future, everyone is enthusiastic, and we want to show the world that we are moving forward.

The location of one of the stages in 2021 has not been confirmed, and we are continuing negotiations about this race with several circuits and we hope that this slot will also be filled soon. “



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