Charly García turns 69: the surprise video with which the artists greeted the musician

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Carlos Vives, Lali, Emma Horvilleur, La Sole, Nahuel Pennisi, Miranda !, Pedro Aznar and David Lebón are some of those who joined the idea.

Charly García turns 69, and a group of artists that are part of the catalog of the Sony Music company, ranging from Carlos Vives a Nahuel Pennisi, going by The Sun, Lali, Emmanuel Horvilleur, Kevin Johansen and, of course, his old fellow travelers Pedro Aznar Y David Lebón, and your friend Fito Paez they added their greetings and wishes in a “surprise” video.

“Thank you for so much beautiful music that changes hearts”, opens the game Vives, a confessed admirer of the Argentine musician who was born on October 23, 1951 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, son of Carmen Moreno and Carlos Jaime García-Lange. And he concludes: “I just want to see a Charly concert.”

The Colombian is followed Benjamin Amadeo, Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattasby Miranda! and Nahuel Pennisi – “thank you for teaching us so much, always”, says the guitarist and singer – all three, exponents of different musical styles but all traversed by the power of García’s songs, whose influence went far beyond the borders of the rock.

The Sun, Emma and Kevin are next in greeting; synthesized in the words of the last of the three: “Thank you for everything, teacher.” And right away, Lali, with an emotional thank you, and the Spanish singer-songwriter and producer Leiva.

Friend, companion of adventures and of a lot of music, in turn Juanse adds to his greeting a sending of “blessings”, while Fito wishes him “everything the best of the universe“, and Lebón adds an” I love you “that closes the first part of the collective message.

The second opens it Pedro Aznar, bass in hand, with a version of the Do not cry for me Argentina by Serú Girán transformed into a happy birthday that the musician, as usual, turns into a demonstration of his artistic virtues. The “I love you more every day” is revealed as the spirit that surrounds each participation.

So, the second round goes with small fragments of songs from different periods of García’s career, although with the accent on his solo stage and something from Serú; Amadeo goes with Your love, of Tango 4; the Mirandas attack with a short passage from Fanky; while Pennisi chooses to go the side of The dinosaurs.

The thing continues with the voice of La Sole doing I don’t want to go so crazy, from the musician’s first solo album, while Horvilleur chooses Promises on the bidet, Johansen The fat of the capitals, in a return to the plan of “the Argentine Beatles”, and Lali a phrase takes up Your love. Leiva, meanwhile, extends with Symbol of peace, of Part of religion, and Juanse rock out for a little while Salt does not salt, which he shared so many times on different scenarios with García himself, as a guest.

Fito, in turn, displays the lyricism of that jewel of Charly’s repertoire that is Disarm and bleed on the keys of his grand piano, and David challenges: “Do you remember this?”. And face the beginning of Seminars, Serú’s classic which is an anthem. The closing comes again with Fito and a Happy Birthday of that we sing at each celebration, with his piano in the background, of course.



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