Charly García turns 69: 20 phrases, ideas and sentences without waste from the “emperor” of Argentine rock

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This Friday, October 23, the musician is celebrating; a review of some of his juiciest statements throughout almost five decades of history.

“I have four answers for each question,” he said. Charly garcia that night in February 1999 in which he called between 150 and 200 thousand people in Puerto Madero, within the framework of the cycle Buenos Aires Live 3, and in whose previous it generated a huge controversy around his decision – frustrated – to throw mannequins into the water from helicopters that would simulate the “flights of death.”

And although it may not be so true that he always has so many possible answers at hand, it is no less true that his talent for facing journalism almost always endowed him with the necessary doses of a lucidity and sharpness that transcend the passage of time and maintain an amazing validity now that the musician is approaching the ’70s, in a kind of warrior’s rest that happens with fewer people talking – and asking – around them.

1) “There is no critic here capable of criticizing me. They are not trained. They talk about whether García is good or bad, they say shit bigger than a house like I can’t sing or I don’t compose. They make a fool of themselves because when people come to see me they realize that I run over them with a truck “(twenty two – 2000)

2) “I am not Nacha Guevara or anything like her: but somehow we have a political consciousness. I believe that art is based on contradictions, and my art is based on the contradictions of the system. In those things that can make you die laughing, or cry with bitterness. And in general, in the things that happen to all types, like love, etc. (Institutions) was born from an idea of ​​mine. Sure it may have an ideological background, but my ideology is not communist, capitalist, or hippie. “(Fur – 1974)

3) “Sometimes journalists are a bit like the boomerang that comes back from what one throws and sometimes that boomerang is good, or sometimes it comes heavy or it comes crooked or they want to screw you. There are many guys who ask you questions because they hate you. I give a little handle to that because sometimes I answer anything“(Interview with Patricia Perea – 1977 – Cited in the book Charly plays tonightby Roque Di Pietro)

4) “I am a kind of constant focus of attention. Before it was in a certain environment, but now that has spread. You have to be all the time talking to people who are great out there but it has nothing to do with you, me I have a somewhat different lifestyle than the guy on the street.” (Imaginary Express – 1982)

5) “With Nemen, if you want to buy a joint, the dealer is going to charge more expensive because if the death penalty exists, life will be at stake in every corner. Nemen is the enemy. I don’t want to leave the country, but it would give me a huge shame because it’s going to be like that, crazy, I already know: whoever is not a Peronist, if Nemen wins, he will not be able to work. Nemen is nothing.” (Sure – 1990)

6) “It seems good to me to fight with a repressor or with a guy who in the corner swells your balls; but fight over music, or who plays better or who has to be higher in the charts, that’s a bitch thing. . It’s okay, musicians are all whores, but that’s cheap fucking. “(Third – 2017)

7) “All you need is love. But it also helps to have health and a little money. Sex, too. And drugs … Well, what would the steak be without the salt? Rock and roll, that’s what I know how to do. I am. I wanted to be like the beatles, but The Beatles weren’t rock superstars. “(Clarion – 1998)

8) “I prayed the Catholic way when I was a kid. I’m baptized and everything. Don’t forget that I am a high class boy and that my grandfather made the Port of Buenos Aires. What I call God is the energy that makes all this stay in place or move and there are people who know how to accompany that movement. And it’s cool. That one goes off. And other people who don’t see it. What is more in this world. There are people who are gnocchi of life and it’s useless, it’s a disgrace. “(twenty two – 2000)

9) “Cocaine is a drug of the night. I didn’t even go there: they had to convince me, I saw it as something old. In the ’60s nobody used cocaine; you took drugs that changed your head: acids, smoking and stuff. We all became paranoid at the same time. And some did not get away. I had a time that was rough; for me it was brave. “(Rolling Stone – 2002)

10) “I tried too many things, in the sense of being on Fifth Avenue in New York and putting myself in the middle of the street, wait for the bondi to come and stop him with his eyes. These things give you something, on the one hand, but on the other … It is a terrible omnipotence. People make these bears or others of similar caliber, but they do not translate into works of the same voltage. You may be Sid Vicious, but he died. What’s the joke? You can do it once, twice: you are with ten my women. Oh, what a barbarian I am! I can dominate Mirtha Legrand, the press. Okay. I feel that that tires me, because it is not good for me. “(Do not say anything – Sergio Marchi – Circa 1993)

11) “Miami is such a depressing place that there is no place to commit suicide. Nothing has more than three floors, it’s a crazy town. If you want to commit suicide, where do you go? To a shopping? All painted pink, full of dolphins caressing your ortho. It is a site for offenders obviously … I, from Pinamar did not pass, for more it does not give me “. (Page 12 – 2002)

12) “I understand that for some people it is unbeatable that they pay me to play the guitar, that all the girls die for me and that I live in hell. It’s true: they pay me for that. There were no rock stars hereThere were only rock musicians, until I invented it. Now there are superstars: it’s me. I said it and they believed me. And now that’s it. I added it to the list and it passed. “(Rolling Stone – 1999)

13) “I’m left-handed. I write with my left. It’s a bad joke. I don’t know. I believe that the dogmas fell. That ideologies do not exist. And that, unfortunately, the only thing that matters is money “. (Clarion – 1999)

14) “The guy who has no memory has no intelligence. How can you be smart if you don’t have data to be smart with? Intelligence, for me, is putting together ideas. Like a computer you have a lot of things that are data. , the momentary information takes the place of the true one, of what is important. So, when a person gets used to forgetting everything they don’t like, they become a Barbie. And well … Barbies are made to look at and … fuck, what do I know. “(Page 12 – 2002)


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