Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell in the boxing movie trailer

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Released the first trailer of Jungleland, a boxing film starring Charlie Hunnam, Jack O’Connell and Jonathan Majors.

If you like boxing movies, you can’t miss the drama when it comes out Jungleland, of which we show you the trailer and which has as protagonists Charlie Hunnam e Jack O’Connell in the role of two brothers trying to establish themselves in the underground world of boxing with their bare hands.

When Stanley (Hunnam) fails to pay off a dangerous boss (Jonathan Majors), the two are forced to bring an unexpected travel companion with them as they travel across America to participate in a high-risk tournament. As Stanley trains Lion (O’Connell) for the match of his life, a series of events threatens to separate them.

Presented at the Toronto Film Festival and accompanied by excellent reviews, Jungleland, directed by Max Winkler, will be released in America on November 6 at theaters and November 10 on demand.


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