Charles Leclair: Our goal is third place

With three rounds remaining in the season, Ferrari is sixth in the championship and 24 points behind Racing Point, which is in third. Charles Leclair stated that the goal of the team is to get ahead of rivals in the Constructors’ Cup …

Q: Last year in Bahrain, you earned a podium for the first time in Formula 1 and had a good chance of winning the first victory, if not for technical problems. How do you assess that weekend now?
Charles Leclair: Thank you for reminding me of last year’s race – it was very painful! (laughs) The memories of the first pole are very pleasant, but, unfortunately, there were technical problems in the race that did not allow us to win. In the past years Ferrari has looked very competitive on this track, and I hope that this time too we will have a successful weekend.

In any case, the past weekend gave me confidence that I can fight for a leading position, because then I fought for a victory for the first time.

Q: You were very upset after the race in Turkey due to the fact that you lost your place on the podium on the last lap. Do you think more experience helped your opponents get ahead of you?
Charles Leclair: We in the team did not discuss in detail what happened on the last loop. I can say two things after what happened. Firstly, I acted too optimistic and because of this I missed the braking point. I didn’t miss that much, but it was enough to miss the turn. In addition, the car was very dirty – I looked in the mirrors, but I could not see anything that was going on behind.

Secondly, I have no choice but to accept the result. I drew conclusions, but what happened is in the past. I hope this does not happen again.

Question When it was decided to hold the Australian Grand Prix, doubts arose that the season would take place at all. How satisfied are you with the work done by the leadership of the championship in organizing the seventeen stages?
Charles Leclair: The work done is impressive – we managed to organize a lot of races, and I liked coming to new tracks, which in normal conditions we would not have come.

It’s a bit strange not to see the fans in the stands, but it’s still great that we can race.

Question: Which of the new tracks did you like more?
Charles Leclair: If we talk about qualifications, then in Mugello. When choosing the best track for the race, it is a difficult choice between Imola and Portimao. I really enjoyed my stay in Portimao, although the conditions were noticeably different from usual.

Q: Ferrari is only 24 points behind Racing Point in the fight for third place in the constructors’ championship. Do you think you can catch up with them?
Charles Leclair: This is our goal, but if we really assess the situation, then it will be very difficult to do it. To do this, you need to spend three weekends ideally, so it is important to focus on your own tasks. Let’s see if we can do it or not. Much will depend on how we work ourselves, and how stable they are over the next three weekends.

Q: During the lockdown in the spring, you participated in a lot of virtual races. Are you planning to continue performing on the virtual circuits during the upcoming offseason?
Charles Leclair: I don’t know, but I would like that! Much will depend on whether George Russell and Alex Albon want to keep chasing me. We know for sure that Lando Norris will continue to play, and if we can all team up again, then I will join the guys too. It was fun in the spring, but ask this question to the guys if they are ready to get together to race. I hope they want to.

Question: Invite Sebastian?
Charles Leclair: Of course, he has a permanent invitation!



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