“Chaotic, terrible, surreal and controversial”: the look of the US media on the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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The written and television press focused on the Chicanas and the personal attacks among the candidates, 35 days before the elections.

The words “chaotic, terrible, surreal and controversial” could be read in the different written and television media in the United States, once the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden ended, who exchanged chicanas and personal attacks on a tense night, 35 days of the elections.

“Crosstalk and mockery dominate the chaotic first debate”, it was read on the cover of New York Times. “Trump tramples on decorum; Biden calls the president a ‘clown’,” he titled his main story, which made reference to both candidates.

“In the middle of your volcanic performance and his bulldozer tactics against Joe Biden, President Trump notably refused to condemn white supremacy when asked, “he noted.

He added: “Both men launched personal attacks and expressed a level of unprecedented mutual contempt in modern American politics. “

In another text, NYT made mention of the difficult task that the moderator had: “Chris Wallace fought to stop a rebellious Trump in the first debate.” And he noted: “Trump did not make it easy for him. In a brute force style, the president disobeyed agreed ground rules and refused to allow Mr. Biden his two minutes to answer questions, leaving Mr. Wallace screaming in wait: ‘Let him answer!’

Washington Post He also made mention of the president’s advance during the debate. “Trump attacks and interrupts while Biden tries to stay on message,” he posted.

He said the White House leader “frequently interrupted both Biden and Wallace, attacking Biden’s son, going over the allotted time and ignoring other rules.”

In another analysis, journalist Robin Givhan points out that “Trump dominated the stage of the debate,” which “was a demonstration of 90 minutes of rage and uncontrolled, testosterone-fueled insecurity from a president. Joe Biden came to debate, God bless him“.

The CNN remarked that it was “a debate absolutely terrible ” and he emphasized “successes and failures of the first debate” with a critical eye: “Fortunately it has finished. It was, in a word, horrific“.

Fox News, the television signal to which the debate moderator belongs Chris Wallace He spoke of “fall fight” and mentioned a night “full of fiery exchanges and insults.”

“The two men often talked to each other in a fight that sometimes became difficult to handle,” he remarked in defense of the journalist, who had to “reprimand Trump several times for interrupting.”

The newspaper USA Today was also categorical to the headline: “‘So little presidential: moments a surreal debate that will not be forgotten“.

He remarked that while it was “an opportunity for each to appeal to undecided voters and solidify their foundations by explaining their policies and visions for the country, most of the time on stage was spent trying to convey their points in the midst of frequent interjections, comings and goings and exchanges “.

For its part, Wall Street Journal titled: “Trump and Biden collide in controversial first debate.”

“From the beginning, the night turned into repeated shouting matches and personal attacks,” read an analysis that made mention of both applicants.

Joe Biden gave a more forceful performance than the low expectations set for him by the president and his allies. Trump launched aggressive attacks, as expected, against the track record and intelligence of his opponent and, at times, seemed to unsettle the former vice president with his constant interruptions. But Biden also fought back, “he stressed.


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