Chaos to say goodbye to Maradona

Police with helmets and shields are trying to hold back the crowds who want to say a final goodbye to the Argentine football god Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday.

The football legend will be on the parade for a while, so that the fans can see their favorite one last time.

But the photos from Buenos Aires on Thursday morning show that the police have their full right to keep order in the crowds, and that they have broken through barricades in Plaza de Mayo. The danger of corona infection seems to be forgotten in grief.

Maradona’s coffin arrived at the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires on Thursday night. Many have been queuing since last night. President Alberto Fernández has declared national mourning for three days.

A government source tells The Guardian that they expect one million people to pass by the coffin alone on Thursday. The largest mourning ceremony in Argentina is expected since the first lady Eva Perón passed away in 1952 – later immortalized all over the world through the musical “Evita”.

Diego Maradona is hailed by the world’s most famous football coaches. Jürgen Klopp states that the little Argentine has been a part of his entire 53-year-old life. – I was very young, maybe eight or nine years old when I first saw him – in a video. From that moment he was the the player for me, Klopp said in several interviews on Wednesday night, including to

and UEFA, reproduced on Twitter and.

– I am 53 years old and it feels like he has been a part of my whole life, stated the Liverpool boss.

Klopp was aware that Maradona is one of the greatest ever. He mentioned Pele, Maradona and Messi in order.

– One Brazilian and two Argentines.

– It’s not so long since I saw the documentary about him. Diego was a sensation. Maradona slet. I’ll miss both.

In other interviews on Wednesday night, Klopp expressed “Maradona had her challenges”.

– He showed us that you do not have to be the highest or most active in training. You do not always have to come back, it is still possible to be the best player in the world. He loved football so much that you saw it all the time on the field.


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