Changes in field hockey: Carlos Retegui took over as head coach of both teams and Mariano Ronconi will be the manager of the Lions

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“Chapa” will continue to lead the Leonas and in the men’s team the new coach does not rule out the return of Gonzalo Peillat.

One way or another, it’s like he’s always around. During the presentation he spoke of his three decades in the National Team and, in short, he is a preponderant figure for the contemporary history of Argentine field hockey. With lights and gray, with achievements and questions. It is about Carlos Retegui, who took on a new challenge being enthroned as head coach, something like director of selections, although he will continue to be the coach of the Lionesses.

“It always motivates me to help the selected team in whatever they need. The fact of having to set the alarm clock at 6 o’clock to go to work is sufficient motivation. The affection of male and female players is the greatest motivation,” said Retegui regarding what moved to accept this position.

“The idea of ​​the Confederation and the leadership is that it is a project of all, of the hockey family, and in the long term,” he said. the Chapa, who only guaranteed that his commitment to the Confederation “is until the Olympic Games”.

About the future? “Later we will see”, he excused himself, but added firmly: “I will always be available to give back a little what has been given to me in 33 years of Selection”.

Just as Retegui will continue to be the coach of the Leonas, in the case of the Lions who will assume the position he left German Orozco, dismissed by the leadership when considering “its exhausted cycle”, will be Mariano Ronconi.

The 2016 Olympic champion DT stated that the leadership “always considers long-term projects and gives full confidence to the working groups.” As an example, he noted that “in the last 10 years the Lions had only 3 coaches.

But he also recognized that in the women’s team it was not so easy to achieve continuity: “Everyone knows that in sport the important thing is the path, but there are also results, harmonies and communions that we must try to sustain. It all has to do with what if a project doesn’t work, without a doubt you have to change the course“.

Despite going through an atypical year, which stopped all activity not only in this discipline but in almost all world sport, Retegui assured that the latest training sessions based on the government determination to exempt players from social, preventive and compulsory isolation, “They were the best of the year.”

And he explained that the idea is to move the group back to Pinamar, as was done recently, in October. “All the preparation will be here, due to the situation in the country and because traveling to Europe is complicated by the pandemic,” he clarified.

Regarding the Lions, the head coach He assured: “For me it is a reunion. I left in February 2018 and today I come to a role to accompany and strengthen the working group.” Retegui said he had a “fantastic” reception from the players, with whom he communicated this week on Zoom.

After clarifying that his responsibilities with the Lionesses will not be modified by taking this role, Retegui explained that the objective regarding the male team “will be to strengthen the working group (led by Ronconi) so that it has harmony and communion with the team, allowing them to go again for important objectives. “

About this group, who will complete in principle Javier Braña Y Lucas Rey, he head coach He considered that he has “the experience to lead the team” and that he will be “100% supporting them.”

“Last Friday a cycle ended, we released all the players and we have already had a Zoom with them. Those from Europe will be able to be without any problem. They were asked if the priority in their calendars was the National Team and they have said yes, that is is the most important thing. We do not want them to have conflict with their clubs. They had predisposition, “said the new director of selections.

But there was also talk about those with whom the now head coach he has public differences, such as Gonzalo Peillat, who indirectly accused Retegui of being responsible for the removal of Orozco.

In this case, Ronconi assured that it can be taken into account by his coaching staff: “The whole work team is talking about and the idea is to get together for a coffee and see if the Argentina shirt is ahead of everything. well, there would be no problem. The idea is to reinstate it“.

This Monday, the new coach confirmed, he will begin working with the players who are in Buenos Aires. And everything will start.


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