Champions League: Serge Gnabry tested positive for coronavirus and put Bayern Munich-Atlético de Madrid in check

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Before knowing the result of the PCR of the player of the German team, he had trained normally with his teammates. It’s played?

If you play. If not. If the current champion of the Champions League or it doesn’t. If the player who tested positive infected his teammates or not. At this point, the umbrella of doubt was opened for this Wednesday’s match between Bayern Munich Y Atletico Madrid, because Serge Gnabry got coronavirus.

The German forward tested positive in the PCR tests that were carried out on Tuesday. Beyond that he is well, there is another problem to be solved: before his result was released, he had trained with his teammates facing the clash against Diego Simeone’s team.

For now nobody can have the courage to say what will happen: if the game is suspended or if it is played the same. The uncertainty is whether the rest of the team was infected or not. The truth is that Gnabry is asymptomatic and isolated at home.

While everyone is waiting for the UEFA decision on whether to play or reschedule, it is worth remembering that in these situations the protocol is clear.

“If one or more players of a club test positive for Covid-19, the match will take place unless the local authorities of one or both teams require a large group of players or the entire team in quarantine. If there are at least 13 players registered on list A, the match must be played. If there are less, it will be suspended “, are the rules.

Beyond the dilemma for the match, something like this had never happened in the Hansi Flick team. Gnabry is Bayern’s first player with Covid-19.

Despite not knowing what will happen to their teammates, the Bavarian government could order both the players and the coaching staff to carry out preventive and mandatory isolation, although in the same way the club itself assured that all those who make up the team will submit again to PCR tests before the match takes place.


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