Cesc Fabregas is one of the few lucky footballers to have been led by two of the greatest football minds of the 21st century, as they are Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho. Under the Catalan’s orders he was in a single season, 2011-2012, in which Cesc landed at FC Barcelona while the coach was preparing his suitcases. For his part, he coincided with the Portuguese from 2014 when the midfielder left the Camp Nou to return to the Premier.

After three seasons in which his game could have been better in a Barça in which it seemed that he was going to show his best, Mourinho contacted Cesc to convince him to sign for Chelsea, being a key factor for him to stop there, as the player himself explained in an interview in ‘Tot Costa’.

“Mourinho He was the one who inspired me the most to leave Barça. He told me that we had had them on the pitch when he was at Chelsea and I was at Arsenal and then when he was coaching Real Madrid and I was at Barcelona, ​​but that for him it all ended there, and he told me about his projectFabregas explained. And it is that in the past, both coincided in opposite sides in two of the great soccer rivalries of the continent.

However, both knew how to turn their relationship around to achieve success at Chelsea, where Cesc showed one of his best facets. “I prioritized the professional, and today I continue to write with him and I consider him a friendHe helped me a lot at the time and maybe with him I played one of my best seasons, “he confessed.

“With Guardiola we have not spoken again. There are things that happened that I do not have to talk about”

A relationship completely opposite than the one he had with Guardiola, something that a priori may seem strange, especially after the current Monaco player had the City coach as his great idol. “He was my idol in my childhood, maybe he’s the person I’ve learned the most from, as a player, as an idol and after as a coach and that’s it“he recalled.

However, the relationship between the two was not as expected, as Cesc himself has revealed. “With Guardiola we have not spoken again. There are things that happened that I don’t have to talk about. I do not know if the disappointment is mutual, “he settled. In fact, both already starred in a tense moment at the end of a Manchester City – Chelsea, in which Guardiola denies the greeting to Fabregas, leaving him with his hand “hanging”.