CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google subpoenaed by US Senate Committee

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The US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has sued the CEOs of Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) and Google (Sundar Pichai) for questioning in the Senate. During the interrogation, the CEOs must answer questions about a law that protects tech companies in the US.

On Thursday, the committee voted unanimously for an interrogation. The Senate wants to hear CEOs on the much-discussed section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This section currently ensures that major tech companies cannot be sued for content posted by users.

President Donald Trump wants to reform this law and in June announced concrete plans to water down the law. First, Trump wants the platforms to be responsible for the content of users. In addition, Trump wants messages from users not to be taken offline just like that.

Dorsey, Zuckerberg and Pichai had already been invited by the Senate Committee to answer questions, but this was not answered. Chairman of the committee, Roger Wicker, therefore wanted to sue the CEOs, but this was initially stopped by a member of the Democrats, Maria Cantwell. She has now agreed to the subpoena because she thinks “a debate on Section 230 will be good” and “can’t wait to ask Mr. Zuckerberg more questions.”

It is not the first time that executives of major tech companies have to appear before the Senate. Last year, Zuckerberg had to answer for the new payment service that Facebook wants to release and he had to appear before the senate in 2018 to be heard about the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica.

It is not yet known when the CEOs of the three major tech companies will appear before the Senate Committee.



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